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Hampton Publishers Brings Imagination In Your Book!

Hampton Publishers, you're knocking at the right door! We know what it takes to craft E-books and make them stand out in the crowd with our crazy wizards. Share your story with the world, explore our services, and let's make your E-book writing roller coaster full of fun.



Excellence Matters for you, and us too!

You will be a part of our journey and collaborate with our wizard writers and marketing freaks who will be responsible for producing exceptional and volume-full results.

Hard Work OR Smart Work?

Hampton Publishers are not just publishers. We are caretakers of your E-Book Publishing Journey

From the very beginning, 7 years back, just starting from two writers and jumping on a team of 57 writers. We made a bold move to put authors at the heart of everything we do. We understood that without the support and ideas of our writers, the journey of Hampton Publishers would be empty.

We tried to set the highest standards for quality and excellence in E-book production. Our team, from editing worms to marketing freaks, ensured that every E-book that bore our name met the highest industry standards.

When it comes to success, we don't count numbers only but also the story that came from imagination to reality.

Our Vision
Will Adapt Our Tomorrow

What we believe is that writing is not just stuffing words on the page; it's a connection of emotions and thoughts that combine to form a blasting imagination.

Our vision extends to a group where authors and fresh writers look for their books to meet the standard quality levels, and enjoy the spell working while collaborating with industry professionals.

Our Mission
Focuses On Results

Although we've already achieved what we planned, we still challenge ourselves by setting missions to refine our skills more. While focusing on empowering authors, we tend to provide them full access to their books so we can ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services.

We thrive on a writer-centric approach, which will directly stamp on an enriching writing experience. We always collaborate with famous authors and fresh authors as well because, to us, story matters.

Amazing Action-Plans

We are not just your business partners but we consider you as our family member. It's the Hampton Family.

We offer so many services, not only writing, not only editing but cover designing, and author website’s also. Our experts always try their best to overcome all the confusions of you and slam their ideas on the page.

Hampton Publishers

Spooky Writing

Oh? Having some ideas but don't know what to do with them? Do not fight with your mind, open the door of your head and let us fight with your enemy worm who's stopping you from publishing your book. You reserve 100% rights on the royalties, Hampton will not ask anything from you, even if you're not the one doing the writing. With our support, we will help you bring your thoughts into your book, in your way. Our Spooky Writing services will not only help you to publish your book but will also help you to complete your half-written book.

Hampton Publishers

Art Impression

First impressions matter. We always make our client's book cover designs according to their satisfaction. Our artists design covers that will look aesthetically pleasing but also convey the message and choice of our client, making it eye-catching. Your content deserves to be showcased with excellence. Our Art Impression Services are served to enhance the visual appeal of your E-book, making it stand out in a crowded market. Enhance your E-Book appeal with Hampton Publishers!

Hampton Publishers

Amazing Action-Plans

We are not just your business partners but we consider you as our family member. It's the Hampton Family. We offer so many services, not only writing, not only editing but covering designing, and authoring websites. Our experts always try their best to overcome all the confusions of you and slam their ideas on the page.

Ebooks: Where Imagination Meets Innovation

Discover the magical world of eBooks where creativity knows no bounds.


Our credibility is our attention to details process

Bringing your E-book to the world is a very crucial step, and that's where our Publishing Services come in. We ensure that your work reaches your target audience effectively and seamlessly. Let's share your story with these major steps, globally.

Initial Discussion

We first talk on the initial call which will tell us what service you are looking for and will collect all the documents if you get on board with us. Your call will be scheduled with the writer to understand your goals for your book and everything from genre to word count.


We deliver a Book Analysis Report by preparing the outline of the book within 24 hours. The report will tell you the defects of the book and the improvements which we can make to enhance the content. It will give you an idea


Now it requires a comprehensive review of your story. We look for clarity, consistency, and structure, ensuring your content is not only well-written but also impactful for the readers.

Content Formatting

After done with editing or writing, your book moves to formatting. Presentation matters that's why we always keep font size, header, and footer according to the standard format.

Cover Design

The design team at Hampton creates eye-catching e-book covers, and the cover reflects the content of the book. The cover should be attractive and also convey the message of the book; this is the pattern we follow.

Quality Assurance

This is a very important step of our process, when everything is done, your book moves to the QA department so that we can double-check everything again just to make sure that there isn't even a single error we are missing.

Final Step

Before your e-book is published, we ask that if you are satisfied with the final product only then we will publish your book. If for some reason, you're not then the refund will be made.


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